Tk 46.32 BDT

Material: Leather, Activated Carbon

1. Heating Insole: Full foot area heating insole with even heat, which is soft and comfortable.
2. Long Service Life: 40-55 degrees high temperature heating for long service life.
3. Free Cut: Can be cut according to demand, which is suitable for all kinds of shoes. 35 yards-44 yards and foot length is about 230-275mm/9.06-10.83in. You can cut along with the dotted kine according to your own yards.
4. Waterproof Materials: Can be directly washed. The materials we use are waterproof, so it can be directly washed without affecting the use effect. Need To be completely dried for use.
5、Wide Functions: The heated insole not only protects your feet from damage during the cold winter, but also promotes your blood circulation and has great benefits to the body.
1. How long does the insole heat up?
A: This type of heating insole can not save electricity or heat, the insole is to be energized to heat, power off to cool. Outdoor can also be used with power bank for heating, make sure that the power bank output is 5V/2A(This product does not contain power bank).
2. How many products are there?
Insole [USB cable]: gross weight is about 0.09kg / a pair
Insole fabric: EVA stretch fiber
Temperature: 40-50 degrees, depending on the environment
Suitable size: 35-39 yards: about 230mm-250mm/9.06-9.84in; 40-44 yards: about 255-275mm/10.04-10.83in (can cut out the size you want)
Voltage: 5V2A
Two heating methods:
1. Household plug-in power supply heating, suitable for sitting or walking.
2. Power bank supply heating makes you can walk freely outside.
Packing List:
USB Charging Cable * 1
Insole * 1 Pair