Tk 72.00 BDT

Bamboo Docking Station With 4 USB Port


  • This charging dock is very nicely made and appeared to be a solution to allow me to charge multiple devices without multiple cords.
  • 4 USB port up to 500mA, automatic current sharing by devices request.
  • Luxury charging dock for home or office, handcrafted by a Whole piece of natural wood, no splice no glue, extremely durable, sure to enshrine your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and iPod! A great place to keep your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad clean and safe at night while charging.
  • No more chaos of charger cable! Special cutout for the Apple Watch charger and carved hidden wire routing to keep cord organized.
  • Over current protection, support both full-speed 12Mb/sec and low-speed 1.5Mb/sec transfer rates. Chains up to 127 USB devices.
  • Truly plug & play automatic system configuration The Watch Stand for the Apple Watch is made of natural wood for a solid build that supports the watch at a stable and comfortable viewing angle.